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For students completing the admission process,

please scroll down to "Upon Acceptance"


Admissions Procedure

To Apply

Applications for Admission are forwarded to the Admissions Committee as soon as all information is received. Decisions of the Admissions Committee are based on an assessment of the candidate's probability to succeed in the academic programs and the candidate's potential for making a positive contribution to the Michigan Jewish Institute. Acceptance to MJI is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all work in progress at the time of acceptance.

An official Application for Admission, along with a $50.00 non-refundable application fee, must be filed in the Admissions Office of the Michigan Jewish Institute before any consideration regarding admissions can begin. The Application for Admission can be completed online .

To be considered for admission the following items must be submitted:

  • Completed application
  • Evidence or student affirmation of graduation from High School or equvialent
  • $50.00 non-refundable application fee (this fee is included in the International Study Program fee)

The Decision

After all data has been reviewed, the Admissions Committee may:

  • Admit a student unconditionally
  • Delay an admissions decisions in order to obtain more information
  • Provisionally admit a student pending receipt of additional information
  • Admit a student on a provisional status. Students are given two semesters to demonstrate their ability to do the academic work demanded of MJI students.
  • Deny an application

MJI has the policy of deciding on admissions as applications come in (rolling admissions). Candidates are notified of the decision as soon as all supporting data has been reviewed.


Upon Acceptance

The Enrollment Agreement

You must complete, sign and return to MJI, before your first class.

Enrollment Agreement 2015-2016

MJI Student Email Agreement and Catalog Acknowledgement

MJI uses its school-provided email accounts as a primary mechanism to communicate important information to students regarding their programs. All students must submit the following Email Agreement and Catalog Acknowledgement to ensure proper communications with MJI faculty and administration. This form allows you to give MJI permission to communicate various information regarding your MJI enrollment via your MJI school email address. Such communication may include tuition statements, financial assistance award letters as well as student’s program information.

This form is available to all students and is located in the MJI Student Portal.


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