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Business Information Systems

It is no longer enough to know the ropes and be a good manager.  If you want to succeed as a business professional today, you have to know how to deal with the globalization of markets, cultural diversity, changing ethical standards and rapidly changing information technology - and you have to grasp how each of these effects the way you do business.

The MJI Business Information Systems degree program is designed to give you the background you need to pursue a career or advance an existing career in administration and/or management.  The curriculum is built on a solid foundation of core courses that provide a broad understanding of business fundamentals, including marketing, finance, management, communications and strategic planning.  The MJI program also places a strong emphasis throughout the program giving you a hands-on understanding of the impact that technology has on business and how to utilize the latest technological advances to meet the changing needs of business.


        ACC 101  Fundamentals of Accounting                                    

        BUS 121  Introduction to Business

        BUS 200  Principles of Management

        BUS 303  Business Law      

        BUS 342  Principles of Marketing                          

        CIS 122   Introduction to HTML, Web Development & e-commerce

        CIS 161  Introduction to Database I /Access           

        CIS 202  Advanced Applications/Excel and VBA     

        CIS 232  Technology in The Classroom                  

        ECO 202  Principles of Micro and Macro Economics  

        ENG 102  Effective Communication                       

        FIN 101  Introduction to Finance                          


        ACC 202  Accounting and Bookkeeping with Computers

        ACC 300  Managerial Accounting  

        BUS 400  BIS Special Topic

        BUS 410  Directed study in BIS                            

        BUS 450  Internship/Externship

        BUS 452  Fundamentals of Public Relations           

        CIS 141  Introduction to Procedural Programming

        CIS 151  Network Concepts                               

        CIS 222  Advanced Procedural Programming (C++)   

        CIS 261  Client/Server Based Database II (Oracle)      

        CIS 300  Ethical Environment of Computing 

        CIS 343  Visual Programming I                               

        CIS 351  Visual Programming II                                

        CIS 362  Client/Server Based Database III            

        CIS 373  Information Technology Management     

        CIS 380  Web Graphic Design                               

        CIS 421  Web Applications Development               

        CIS 471  Systems Analysis & Design                      

        CIS 472  Computer-Aided Software Engineering      

        CIS 500  Advanced Web Applications Development

        ECO 112  Principles of Microeconomics                  

        ECO 212  Principles of Macroeconomics                

        ENG 313  Advanced Professional Communications   

        MAS 250  Data Analysis and Elementary Statistics     

        MAS 263  Business Math and Statistics                   

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