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Judaic Studies

To make your Bachelors of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Judaic Studies even more practical and marketable, MJI offers three distinct concentrations:

Judaic Studies Concentration

The MJI Judaic Studies concentration enables you to further your appreciation and understanding of Judaism and enhance your spiritual growth.  The program covers an extensive range of subjects meant to give you an understanding of the entire spectrum of Jewish scholarship:

  • Bible
  • Rabbinic Literature
  • Jewish History
  • Jewish Thought
  • Jewish Law and Custom
  • Hebrew Language

Jewish Education Concentration

The MJI Jewish Education concentration prepares you for an increasing number of positions available in Jewish educational settings.  This program successfully integrates the study of Judaism with educational skills and theories of learning.  By combining classical and contemporary Jewish learning with pedagogy and educational practices, MJI prepares its graduates to pursue careers as teachers and administrators in both formal and informal Jewish educational settings.

Jewish Leadership Concentration

The MJI Jewish Leadership concentration allows you to express your personal commitment to Jewish life through a professional life in community service based on heritage, tradition and values.  Traditional and contemporary Jewish scholarship are coupled with the most advanced leadership training to give you the edge you need as a Jewish leader and address the unique issues facing our communities.  This degree gives you the skills and experience you need to make an impact in various settings, including federations, community centers, Jewish advocacy, service organizations, camps and synagogues.

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