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EDU 151 Teaching Theory and Practice (3 credits)

Prerequisite: None

In an atmosphere of inquiry, this introductory course will challenge pre-existing beliefs, and broaden ideas and images of what constitutes teaching and learning.  Some of the issues examined will be: What does it mean to teach? Can there be teaching without learning? How does context influence the nature of teaching and learning? What knowledge base do teachers need to represent their subject matter?  The course will focus on the students experiences as learners and teachers, and will utilize case studies in conjunction with theoretical reading to stimulate analytic thinking.

EDU 200 Teaching Practicum (2-6 credits)

Prerequisite: Current teaching position and enrollment in EDU 151

1 credit = 45 hours of teaching

Number of credits will be determined by amount of teaching.  Teaching must be under approved supervision.  Students will submit their lesson plans for review.  Students will also have to link the teaching experience to the methods and theoretical background studied in EDU 151.

EDU 251 Principles of Learning and Instruction (3 credits)

Prerequisite: EDU 151 or equivalent

This course is designed to provide classroom teachers with knowledge and skills about the theories of learning, stages of child development, principles of instructional design and teaching methodology.  Each class session includes lecture, discussion and problem-solving experiences.

EDU 261 Educational Psychology (3 credits)

Prerequisite: PSY 202 or equivalent or permission from the Dean

This course is designed to cover the psychology of learning and teaching.  It will emphasize mental abilities, individual differences, motivation and the application of psychological theory and research in learning.

EDU 272 Educational Values in Judaism (3 credits)

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the MJI Judaic Education Concentration

This course is intended to provide students with both the traditional and latest pedagogical values of Jewish educational systems.  Those planning a vocation in Jewish religious schools will acquire an understanding of the influence of Jewish beliefs, values and traditions on classroom conduct and the delivery of educational materials.

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