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Academic Programs and Policies

The Michigan Jewish Institute offers Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees in programs that combine a foundation in the arts and sciences with a concentration for career development in business and community related disciplines. 

The BAS degrees can be earned with the following choice of concentrations:

  • General Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  • CIS/Cooperative Computing (CC)
  • Business and Information Systems (BIS)
  • Judaic Studies (JS)
  • Judaic Leadership (JL)
  • Judaic Education (JE)

The first BAS concentration, CIS, also contains a public educational system education track.  This particular education track allows students to take courses that will enable, after completion of the MJI degree, students to apply for admission to some Michigan Teacher Certification programs leading to certification as a CIS instructor for secondary schools in the public school system.

The AAS degree may only be earned in the Business and Information Systems concentration.

All of the programs seek to develop communication skills, and to foster creativity that will enhance the students lives and promote future learning.  In addition, practical "real-world experiences" allow students to explore various career options.  Those students earning a Bachelor degree are also prepared to subsequently pursue admission to graduate and professional school programs and professional life.

MJI offers its students a unique opportunity to acquire the skills and education requisites for success in our technologically complex world, in an atmosphere that stresses the relevance of Jewish values and tradition to modern society.

MJI also offers a certificate program in Talmudic Law and Jurisprudence.  All courses in the certificate program are credit bearing and may be taken by students in either the Associate or Bachelor of Applied Science sequence as electives.  Students who wish to transfer from the certificate program to a degree program must satisfy the admission requirements of the latter.

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