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This MJI page helps you find instant answers to many of your MJI related questions. Please bookmark this page as we are constantly updating it in response to the higher education environment and the needs of the MJI community.

Do be sure to "refresh" your screen to insure you are not looking at information previously stored on your own computer.

General MJI Information:

101. General information:

a. If you are a MJI student you are reminded to use your MJI provided email account when sending email messages to MJI. If you have not yet received your MJI email address, you must immediately request one from the MJI IT Department. Please contact them at or 248-414-6900 ext.133. See also next paragraph.

b. MJI communicates with all its students solely via their MJI provided email addresses. If you wish to stay current with all MJI matters, you must frequently check your MJI email in-box. Failure to check your MJI email could result in your missing vital information such as alerts regarding security threats or your new log-in information for any new on-line course you have registered for.

c. If you need the email address (or telephone number) of a MJI department or specific member of the MJI administrative staff or faculty, click here for a complete directory. (Last updated September 2013.)

105. Could I please have a copy of the most current MJI 2015-2016 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook? click here for a copy of the catalog. To access the MJI 2014-2015 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook click here

110. Could I please have a copy of the MJI calendar of important dates? You may find the most current digital copy of the MJI 2013-14 calendar at the back of the academic catalog in item 105, above.)

123. FERPA: I am a parent (or other concerned party) of a MJI student. What are my rights to learn about my child's/student's academic information and progress at MJI? A student's academic information held by MJI is subject to complex legal protections commonly referred to as FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). Because these regulations are constantly evolving, you should check with the US Department of Education's (ED) website for the most current information at: For your convenience we provide a current, printable copy of the parents' FERPA guide by clicking here. (This pdf file was last checked for currency August 2013. It remains current per the provided link to ED.) Other general and technical guides regarding FERPA are also available at the provided ED link.

133. MJI has asked that I forward transcripts to MJI from previous schools I have attended. Where can I get the appropriate form for requesting that my transcripts be sent from my previous schools directly to MJI? Click here (revised September 2013)

150. What do I need to know about International Study opportunities at MJI? Click here (International Study Informational Booklet for 2013-14, updated October 2013)

155. How can my school become a Host School for MJI's International Study program or where can I obtain the most recent version of Host School Technical Guidelines? Click here (2013-14 Guide updated October 2013)

156. How does MJI determine which applicant Host Schools are approved for inclusion in the MJI International Study program? Click here to see a copy of MJI's complete final review check list as used by our own evaluators. (Updated July 2013 for academic year 2013-14)

183. Red Flag Rule: What does MJI do to protect my financial aid information from identity theft? MJI is required by the federal "Red Flag Rule" to have a policy in place to protect students from this form of identity theft. Click here to view MJI's Red Flag Rule policy in its entirety. If you believe that your (financial aid based) identity at MJI has been compromised immediately contact the MJI Financial Aid Office at 1-888-463-6654, ext. 102 or via email:

184. Does MJI have a code of conduct regarding student loans? Click here

190. What is MJI's policy regarding...? MJI Staff and Faculty may access all MJI policies and procedures on the MJI LAN at S:\Faculty and Staff Only\Copy of Policies and Procedures\*.*. Faculty can also access these materials remotely via item 501 below. Students may request a student copy of policies and procedures on CD-ROM by contacting the MJI Registrar at 248-414-6900 ext. 113 or via email at

198. Voter Registration: The right to vote is basic and a foundation of the American way of life. Students who have not yet registered to vote are urged to do so. The Office of Academic Administration can provide Michigan Voter Registration Applications to all Michigan Resident students who request them. If you have not registered to vote, pick up an application at MJI, today! Or, for direct internet access to the application form, log onto

Students who are resident in other states of the USA should contact their own local or state governments to learn how to register to vote at their location. Or, click on the following link to get more information about your own state's voter registration requirements and its voter registration forms:

MJI students who are studying out of the USA as part of the MJI International Study Program or otherwise can also register to vote, and even vote from their foreign locations! To do so, click on the following link and follow the instructions for your particular circumstances:

199. Do I have to be Jewish to be a MJI student? Absolutely not! MJI is open to anyone who meets our "academic" entrance requirements. Indeed, MJI has always had active students who are not of the Jewish faith.

Advice and Counsel:

201 Basic Student Information:

A college education represents a significant investment in time money and effort. As an applicant to MJI you should carefully evaluate the program you are considering. To help you reach good decisions about your future, you should collect and consider as much information about each school and its academic programs. You should also become knowledgeable about each school’s full cost of attendance, refund policies if available, financial aid and scholarships. Only in this way can you make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Your Responsibilities as a MJI Student and as an Adult:
For a complete discussion of these matters & more, see the MJI catalog, FAQ item 105

It is solely your responsibility to:

1. learn everything you can about a school before deciding to apply and enroll, if accepted;
2. properly and accurately; complete all required forms and documents in your school’s application kit.
3. submit your application on time and to the correct school address;
4. timely follow-up with any requests for additional information or materials;
5. carefully read and understand any forms you sign, knowing full well that you accept complete responsibility for all agreements you sign;
6. keep copies of any material you sign; and,
7. attend to all school calendar events, schedules and deadlines regarding classes, semesters, reapplications for continuing financial aid, graduation requirements, etc.

Any errors you make in the above steps will most likely delay processing of your application and/or requests for financial aid. You may not be accepted because of this. Further, intentionally misrepresenting any information on your forms can result in dismissal from your school and if related to your financial aid requests quite possibly subject you to criminal proceedings and penalties under the U.S. Criminal Code.

210. What are the real costs of going to MJI? There is much information about this item that is frequently updated. Please see item number 105 above regarding downloading the academic catalog which includes a current section regarding this important matter.

215. How do credits transfer between colleges? Click here

216. I am interested in receiving credit for life and/or work experience. What do I need to do? Please read the first paragraph in the academic catalog (see item 105 above) in the section titled, OTHER CREDITS AND REQUIREMENTS. If you think you may have appropriate experience, please send documentation of this experience (e.g., letters fully describing the experience from employers, mentors, supervisors, etc.) to the Registrar's Office (see item 101 above) for evaluation. You will be advised of any credits awarded.

220. What is MJI's policy regarding plagiarism (submitting material as your own, when it is not)? Click here

221. My Instructor caught me plagiarizing and gave me a failing grade. I feel compelled to contact the Dean of Academic Administration to plead for a second chance. Click here.

222. How should I reference the work of others that I use or otherwise copy when completing written class assignments? Click here

240. How can I prepare for applying to professional schools after graduating from MJI? Click here

246. Where can I find information about internship and externship opportunities at MJI?

Contact Career Services for assistance with internship and externship opportunities at .

261. Since I applied to MJI and was accepted, my name has legally changed. How do I inform MJI to make this change in my MJI records? Please click here, print the form, complete it and have it notarized. Send it by mail to the MJI Registrar or as an email attachment to

299. What standards and criteria must MJI meet in order to be accredited by ACICS?

Click here for the version of ACICS standards and criteria located at MJI (Updated April, 2014)


Financial Aid:

301. Who do I contact at MJI for information on Financial Aid? For immediate information you can click on the "student services" tab at the top of this screen and then click on the "Financial Aid Office" option. Or click here .

You may also call our financial aid office at 248-414-6900 ext. 102 or contact us via email at for all financial aid information and/or help with applying for aid.

Academic Resources for Students:

401. I am thinking about enrolling in MJI's online (distance learning) Judaic Studies Program. What do I need to know about this program?

You can find comprehensive information about this program by reviewing several sections of the MJI Catalog. These sections include:

  • The Admissions Qualifications for Judaic Studies
  • Ownership of Personal Computers
  • The Judaic Studies Concentration

Please go to item # 105 near the top of this page for viewing a downloadable copy of the catalog.

Briefly, you should immediately know that:

a. The admissions requirements for MJI on-line programs are not different than for our onsite programs;

b. During your tenure in a MJI online program your identity will be verified from time to time to ensure that it is you who is completing course work. This will be done by asking you for certain information that only you would know;

c. At the same time that we authenticate your identity, we also protect it and your academic information using a variety of computerized and other measures;

d. As an online student, you must have routine access to personal computing equipment and the internet; and,

e. MJI provides a host of assistance to help orient you and support your use of our online learning delivery systems. Please see items 402 and 450 below for more information on the assistance that is available.

402. I am getting ready to take my first course via distance learning. What should I know about taking such courses?

Click here for some answers to basic questions about distance learning.

Where can I go to see an orientation to MJI SAKAI online?

Click here

404. I am ready to register for the upcoming semester. Is there a schedule of: classes being offered; who is teaching them; class location; and, day and time offered?

Click here for this coming semester's schedule of classes. NB: the schedule is updated frequently until the first day of classes. Changes are due to the pattern of student registrations and needs. If you have registered for a class that is cancelled, you will receive notification and recommendations from the Registrar's office.

407. I would like to plan which courses I will register for during the next several semesters. Is there a schedule of courses anticipated to be offered during the next few semesters?

Click here for a two year sequence of course offerings.

411. Is there a generic tool that will help me determine how many credits I may have available for transfer to MJI or that I have already earned at MJI?

Students seeking CIS or BIS degrees: Click here

Students seeking JS degrees: Click here

Students seeking JS one or two year certificates: Click here

430. How do I apply for an independent study and what forms do I need?

Click here for the policy regarding independent studies .

431. How do I apply for the Student Teaching assignment required of all Judaic Studies, Judaic Education majors and what are the course requirements?

a. Student Teaching application: Click here

b. Student Teaching requirements: Click here

432. How do I apply for an MJI internship or an externship and what forms do I need? Click here

434. I was given special permission to register after the first week of classes. What are the consequences of this? Students who are granted permission to enter an ongoing class must complete all course assignments and the class as scheduled. No requests for extensions or incomplete marks will be accepted solely on the basis of having started a class late.

435. I started the semester on time but will not be able to complete all my class assignments on time. What do I need to know and do about receiving a mark of Incomplete rather than the grade I would otherwise receive? Click here , read the entire MJI policy, print pages 6-7 and complete both sides of the Incomplete Mark Contract. Submit the completed contract to the Registrar for processing.

436. I must request a Leave of Absence from MJI. What do I need to know and do about Leave of Absence requests? Click here , read the entire MJI policy, print the last page, complete the form and submit it to the Registrar.

440. Does MJI permit the taking of CLEP exams in lieu of required or elective courses? MJI does permit the transfer of passing CLEP scores in lieu of certain courses. There is a full discussion regarding CLEP exams in the academic catalog (item 105 above). Students are warned here as well to check with their academic advisor before taking any CLEP tests for MJI credit. This will insure that the CLEP credits earned will be useful in completing the student's academic program at MJI. It is also important to remember that CLEP credits transferred to MJI will not count toward meeting any residency requirements the student must meet.

For more information about CLEP exams and to review samples, please go to:

445. How can I transfer TTI credits to MJI? Click here

450. I have a question regarding or need help with MJI online access or other technical computer matters (e.g., my MJI email address, my online courses, login assistance, hardware and/or software required for my MJI courses, etc.). Who do I contact at MJI regarding such matters?

MJI maintains an automated system for submitting technical questions to the MJI technical help desk. By sending your question(s) to your questions will be responded to in the quickest manner possible.

458. I am ready to take my required proficiency tests in order to graduate. How do I request and schedule testing? Click here

459. I am located at a distance from any MJI campus. How do I arrange for testing to take place at my geographic location? For example, I have applied to take my required CAAP proficiency test. How do I take it where I live? Click here to review the MJI policy on arranging for a proctored test at your location. (Policy updated July 2010.)

460. I am ready to graduate. How do I request graduation? Click here

461. How do I request that MJI send my MJI transcript to another institution?

a. For MJI policy regarding outbound transcripts click here

b. For Outbound MJI transcript request form (form updated February 2011) click here

462. I would like MJI to release certain of my academic information to a third party. How do I do this? You can send us a letter with your signature indicating the information you want released and to whom or you can use the generic MJI Student Confidential Release form by clicking here , printing the form, completing it and sending it to MJI.


Academic Resources for Faculty:

501. I cannot locate the Faculty Orientation CD-ROM I received that contains all the files and documents I may need as a member of the MJI Academic Faculty. Is there a way that I can access these files and documents via the internet?

Contact the MJI Helpdesk for access to those materials at

504. How can I determine of I am scheduled to teach next semester?

Contact the Office of Academic Administration at (248) 414-6900 ext 108

507. How can I find out when I am scheduled to teach during the next couple of years?

Contact the Office of Academic Administration at (248) 414-6900 ext 108

520. Where can I go to see a demonstration of and orientation to MJI SAKAI online?

Basic navigation in Sakai

Creating a worksite in Sakai

Overview of Sakai course tools

550. I have a question regarding or need help with MJI online access or other technical computer matters (e.g., my MJI email address, my online courses, login assistance, hardware and/or software required for my MJI courses, etc.). Who do I contact at MJI?

MJI maintains an automated system for submitting technical questions to the MJI technical help desk. By sending your question(s) to helpdesk@mji.eduyour questions will be responded to in the quickest manner possible.

570. I understand that as a member of MJI's faculty I may apply to the Fulbright Scholars Program for a Fulbright Grant. How can I learn more about this opportunity? Click here 

Employment at MJI:

901. Please click here for an interactive PDF file providing basic information about employment opportunities at MJI and what you must do to apply. Information is also provided about how employers may seek student interns.This file was last updated September 2013.


904. To all those interested in joining MJI's faculty as an Adjunct Professor:

Thank you for your interest in joining MJI’s adjunct professorial staff. We are always seeking additional, qualified instructors for both our onsite campus courses as well as our online courses.

The minimum requirements for MJI faculty members are: those teaching general education courses (e.g., Math, Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, etc.) a masters degree in the area(s) taught, with a Ph.D. preferred. For those teaching courses in MJI majors and concentrations (e.g., Judaic Studies, Computer Science, Business, etc.) the minimum is a bachelors degree in the area(s) taught, with at least a masters degree preferred. Of course, you should peruse our academic catalog click here to make sure we teach courses you are both academically and experientially competent to teach (see Courses of Instruction section near the back of the catalog).

If you think you meet our minimum requirements, you should send a cover letter indicating your interest in MJI and the courses you are interested in teaching along with a complete academic C.V. to the Dean of Academic Administration. This may be done via email You should also begin the full application process so that you might be fully credentialed as a MJI adjunct professor in time for the next scheduled semester start.

At item number 910, sections b. and c. below, you will find the complete application package for those wishing to join our faculty.


910. I have been accepted for a position at MJI. What forms must I complete to begin employment? Click on the appropriate selections below; print the downloaded forms; complete the forms; and, mail them to MJI, Human Resources Department (address is on forms). You will not be officially employed until MJI receives all required forms.

a. For staff positions click here AND item 910 c. below. For a final check list click here

b. For faculty positions click here AND item 910 c. below. Please be sure to complete separate "Transcript Request forms" for each degree you have. Also, for any degrees received from non-USA schools please be sure to complete the Request Form for evaluation of Foreign Education Credentials by clicking here and contacting for further information about completing this form.

You will also have to provide an authenticated* translation of any original documents provided in a language other than English. (*Translations must be provided by the document's issuing entity (e.g., the source school) or by a third-party who signs the translation and otherwise proves that no conflict of interest applies to the translation. For example, the applicant or applicant's relative cannot create the translation for the document.)

For a final employment check list click here

c. For ALL positions also click here

If you are submitting your employment materials via facsimilie please be sure to read the MJI Quick FAQ number 1004 below.

911. How can I be sure I have submitted all required MJI employment documents? Click here

a. I am sorry but I still do not understand how to complete my employment papers for a staff position. Do you have any additional instructions and help? Click here .



1001. I keep calling and/or emailing messages to MJI personnel and I receive no replies. Can you please help?

Answer: Please remember that the MJI community includes 1,000s of students, parents, faculty and others who also require attention from MJI staff members (see our Directory at item 101 above. It will assist you in contacting the correct person at MJI, right away and reduce any unnecessary delays).

It is our goal that all inquiries receive a call back or reply within three (3) business days. Please do be patient with us and keep in mind that if you leave us several messages, all on the same business day or two, it is unfair to claim that you have tried to reach us multiple times and we have not responded.

Finally, all communications with MJI must be in English. Although we have a very diverse staff with a broad array of skills, messages sent to us in a foreign language will not be responded to unless previous arrangements have been made with MJI.

1002. I have tried to reach my independent studies instructor to no success. What should I do next?

Answer: Step 1: Please give your instructor 3 business days to reply to you. Step 2: Review Item 430 in the main FAQ section above, especially the brief summary of actions you must take found on pages 15-16 of the policy statement. If you have correctly completed all the appropriate actions, then go on to Step 3. Otherwise, please do complete your independent study requirements. Step 3. If you have properly followed all independent studies procedures and still have not heard from your instructor, please send an email message with all the pertinent details to the MJI Academic Department at .

1003. I am having trouble with my on-line class materials, working with the MJI website and/or otherwise communicating via the Internet. Where can I get help?

Answer: See item 101 above for information on who you should contact regarding your particular issue. If you would like to see an orientation on MJI SAKAI online Click here.

1004. May I submit required documents by facsimilie?

Answer: Many documents required by MJI may be sent via facsimilie to 248-414-6907. If you are not sure whether or not you should fax a particular document to us, please check with your contact at MJI.

MJI receives numerous facsimilies every day. If you do not include a cover sheet indicating to whom your facsimile is to be delivered, a response could be significantly delayed as we try to determine the appropriate addressee.

1005. I have had some difficulty completing a semester's academic workload. Can I get an exception to MJI's policies regarding incomplete marks, dropping courses, attendance, probationary status or similar issues?

Answer: Exceptions to MJI policies regarding such matters may be possible if you provide the Registrar's Office (see item 101 for the MJI Directory) with a cover letter of explanation AND third party documentation and proof that the circumstances were beyond your control. Such proofs could be: letters from physicians, employment termination letters, eviction notices, court orders or other notifications exhibiting why you are unable to adhere to MJI policies at this time.

Once all required information has been received and evaluated by the Registrar, you will receive notification of the Registrar's decision. Should you think that the Registrar's determination is unfairly adverse to your particular situation, you may provide the Dean's Office with a complete and written accounting of why you think the decision is unfair. Only then will the matter be reviewed by the Dean's Office. You will be notified of the Dean's determination and additional appeals steps you may take, should you wish to do so. You can also find a complete description of the MJI appeals process in the catalog (item 105, above).

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