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Application Check List 


The Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act 160 of 1996 states that public high schools may provide full or partial payment for a course offered at an accredited institution that is not offered at the home school (amount paid is based on the school's state aid foundation grant*).

To possibly obtain financial assistance from the high school, a student must:

  • Be enrolled in a public high school
  • Be of junior or senior class standing
  • Have successfully taken and obtained a minimum qualifying score** on one or more of the following assessment tests: PSAT, PLAN, ACT and/or MME.
  • Have completed the appropriate paperwork and obtained permission from the home’s district or the student’s counselor.
  • Not need the MJI course for high school credit and/or graduation.

Guest Student/Non-Dual Enrollment

If a student is choosing to take an MJI course, but does not require the course for high school credit and/or graduation, the home school is not obligated to offer payment for Dual Enrollment courses. However, the student must still obtain approval from the home school and have the MJI Authorization Form completed prior to enrolling. It is at the home school’s discretion whether or not high school credit will be granted.

Please remember to include information about the MJI courses taken in your college application process. Upon admission to your University, please contact the MJI Registrar’s office to forward your MJI transcript for credit evaluation. 


MJI offers partial scholarships. To apply for an MJI scholarship, follow the application process as stated below. Once the application process is completed, call the MJI Registrar’s office and ask for a Dual Enrollment scholarship form.

MJI Application Process

  • Complete and submit the on-line MJI Dual Enrollment & Guest Student Application Form. Keep a copy of the completed form for your records prior to submitting the form electronically. Please note that this form only needs to be filled out once. If a student continues with MJI, only the MJI Course Registration and High School Authorization forms need to be resubmitted.
  • Complete and submit the MJI Course Registration Form. The Course Registration form is completed each time a new course is taken.
  • Have your high school complete and submit the MJI High School Authorization Form. This form must be completed by the student’s home school district and/or the student’s counselor. The High School Authorization form is completed each time a new course is desired.
  • If a student is planning to dual enroll, the home school/district may have their own paperwork (such as a payment voucher) that needs to be obtained and completed by the student. This is each student’s responsibility. Students should inquire at their school’s counseling office.
  • Follow-up with the MJI Registrar’s office to make sure all paperwork is received for registration. MJI will bill the student’s home school/district, only after receiving all completed forms.

*There is no guarantee of the amount a school district will provide for a dual enrollment course. At times the amount paid is not determined by the school district until the course semester is completed. The student’s family is responsible to MJI for any remaining balance and for the cost of texts and/or other supplies needed.

**For minimum qualifying scores, refer to the Michigan Department of Education’s website,



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