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High school students may enroll in any of the following 3-credit MJI college courses:


HUM 110 Elementary Modern Hebrew I

This course focuses on teaching the basic elements of the Hebrew language. The class will cover: the alphabet, grammar, writing, vocabulary, reading and speaking. (And yes, it will cover some “slang” and everyday Hebrew phrases!)


HUM 241 Intermediate Modern Hebrew I

In this advanced intermediate-level course, students will expand and strengthen their speaking, reading, listening and writing skills in standard Modern Hebrew. Students are encouraged to use Hebrew word processing and e-mailing. With this foundation, students will read, discuss and report on assigned materials, on-line work and/or a full-text play/novel/movie.


HUM 250  Advanced Topics in Modern Hebrew I 

Study contemporary Israeli culture through various genres from academic and literary to film and poetry. Topics range from the Jewish Identity of Israelis to the globalization of the Israeli society.


EDU 121  Exploring the Exceptional Child 

This introductory course will cover characteristics and educational considerations for exceptional children running the gamut from the challenged to the gifted. Implications in the areas of assessment, treatment and considerations are outlined.

EDU 122  Introduction to Speech and Language

Introduction to Speech and Language is a broad survey course that will provide students with a foundation for additional courses in basic human communication processes and disorders. This course will provide an introduction to speech, language, communication, hearing and swallowing disorders, and their etiologies in both children and adults. Additionally, the course will offer a lab that will allow the student the opportunity to work directly with children with communication disorders, as well as to learn cutting edge methods in treating autism spectrum disorders.n to Speech and Language


HIS 140  Encountering Jewish Civilizations

This eye-opening course will explore the “roots” of Judaism and how the “beginning” of Jewish civilization continues to impact the modern world.


HIS 261  Exploring the Holocoust I 

Delve into the causes of the Holocaust, learn about its effect on Jewish Civilization, actions and reactions by various individuals/groups during this period and the response of the world to the “Final Solution”.


EPH 160 Contempory Issues in Society 

Through case studies, students will learn the Jewish perspective regarding various social topics and cultural dilemmas facing today’s society. 



Location: The Shul, 6890 West Maple Road, West Bloomfield.
Students will also participate in a 1 hour online experience weekly. 

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